Plans for V3

2012 jan 30

V3 will focus on a few areas I think is critical right now. I expect this release in a week or two but there are no guarantees. The list below is a summary of tasks I will try to finish.

Adding/removing splits from the web

Right now this takes to much work and you don't always know why the application crashed. The workflow will most likely be something like this:

  • Upload track(with splittimes for every post) -> Preview -> User confirms and saves
  • Upload track(with faulty splits) -> Preview where legs that was hard to 'fit' is highligted and possible to remove/add/mark as missing -> Updated preview(done live) -> User saves when satisfied
  • Upload track(with aborted race) -> Preview -> User confirms and saves
  • Upload track(NO splits) -> Can add splits manually -> Updated preview -> User confirms and saves

Right I'm not planning on making it possible to correct the track(by moving it around) in this release. The plan is to add that later.

The size of the course is too small sometimes (bug)

On some courses the track is very hard to see if you are zoomed out. I need to correct this. It might be an optional configuration if I can't solve it automatically.

Delete courses in an event

Right now you can delete your own tracks and events you created but not courses. I will fix this.

Zoom in/out when manually adding posts

When I did build the forking support I forgot to add this functionality back in. Will do it now.

Indicate which tracks that are gps tracks

Right now it's hard to see which tracks that are gps tracks. The plan is to indicate this with a small icon or something similar

Any other problem areas/good features?

If you have any suggestions or ideas please comment below or send me an email at


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