OPath now supports looped courses + future plans

2012 mar 12

I just uploaded support for looped courses and some more features. In this post I will explain how that works explain a few other changes. I will also explain what's about to come and would welcome feedback on this

Support for looped courses

OPath now supports both adding courses with loops manually and playing them. When playing a looped course all runners will run the loops in the same order so it is easier to compare. If you are using realtime playback the runners will take the loops in the real order though. I hope this will make it more interesting to compare tracks with loops but still keep the possibility to see how things really played out in the forest.

I have not had the chance to test by importing the courses through xml yet. Once I get a good example file I will add automatic support for this too. If you have any course files for butterflies, diamonds etc etc please email me at info@opath.se.

I hope to upload a video showing how this works soon.

Automatic update of the current post

In the runner list I'm showing some info about the leg for each runner (splittime, straigh line distansce, distance, % extra). Earlier this was only set to show the post you started playing. Now it will update as soon as the runner arrives at a post.

The list of recent tracks and not logged in users

The is now available even if you are not logged in. I had missed to change that before

The future

With the competions starting I want to make sure that works solid. This includes creating better instructions for how to upload a competition because that is really easy and can be done quickly. I also need to work to make the connection between course files and results more solid. Right now the names of the classes in the both files need to match but I hope to fix this. Another part is to organize everything better. The startpage will only show competitions. I will create a new page where you can find other events.

Improvements of the player are another area I will work on.

  • Proberly sorting the runners (Possibly auto updating so that the current leader always is show at top)
  • Making it possible to hide runners not selected
  • Runners without track can be selected to follow the line
  • Easier to show the whole track
  • Making the 'worms' show better. Some sort of head and probably better colors

Support more file formats. Right now I only support .gpx files or uploading from garmin. I will support .tcx and probably .fitlog. If you have any more suggestions please comment or email me so I can look at it.

There are plenty of more things planned but this is what I will focus on right now


We are very keen to hear your opinions. All feedback is important but please try to be constructive and respect others. Comments that are disrespectful to others might get deleted.