OPath can now fetch GPS tracks from Eventor

2012 apr 11

Mats Troeng recently added the possibility to upload raw gps tracks to Eventor. OPath now supports to fetch these routes. Later on we plan to make it possible to upload routes but how that should work is still under investigation.

To support this there is the new possibility to connect you competition to Eventor when you create it at http://opath.se/CreateCompetition/. Connecting the event will soon also give you the opportunity to fetch the results from Eventor instead of uploading a result file. Right now it fills in the basic information for you and I can choose to load any new routes from Eventor. The plan is to make this automatic and the support for that is built but right now I want to verify that it works as expected.

Now I will make sure this works and work on a few other areas needing attention. When the important stuff is fixed I will try to leverage the Eventor connection to make it possible to see some form of playback as soon as the results are uploaded to Eventor. And then if/when the organisers upload the map and courses it will change to the better playback mode

You can see what's being worked on here: https://trello.com/board/opath/4f5e34d5d40eef657084eb75


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