Touch support in player!

2012 jun 11

Beside touch/no mouse support it now supports direct linking/sharing, better use of screen space, hotkeys and much more.

Control changes

Before the player could only be used if you had a mouse with a scroll. Now you can zoom in by clicking and zoom out by right-clicking. There is also support for touch. See more info about how that works in the help:


You can now generate links like: this which takes you directly into the player. Right now the links are very long. Further on I might look at shortening these. If you want to share the link with a tablet/phone there is also a QR code which you can scan.


While much of the work was focused around getting touch to work the desktop users should see an improvement too. One of the things are hotkeys. You can see whihc hotkeys that are available in the help (which is also accesible from the player)

Reporting problems

Please report any problems. It can be bugs, slowdowns, touch not working etc etc.


We are very keen to hear your opinions. All feedback is important but please try to be constructive and respect others. Comments that are disrespectful to others might get deleted.