OPath updated: Draw routes for trainings and correct route

2012 aug 19

To make it simpler to upload your route OPath now supports .tcx files and .gpx from training center. A beta version of the ability to slightly move the the route has been added too.

Draw route for trainings

OPath has supported manually drawing your routes for a while now but only for competitions. With this release it's now possible to use that function for trainings too. For trainings it is a two step process.
Step 1: Upload your result by typing in the splittimes.
Step 2: Draw the route as you would for an competition.

You draw your route by clicking upload for the course and then there is a button saying you want to draw your route instead of uploading from a gps.

New file formats supported

Besides .gpx files from QuickRoute OPath can now handle .tcx files and .gpx files from Training Center too. If you want support for more files please email info@opath.se with and example file.

Possibility to make changes to the route

Earlier OPath required the route to be "perfect" when uploaded. For trainings where the splittimes comes from the watch there it is now possible to add/remove and change split times. It also possible to make small adjustments to the route to make it fit better with the map

The ability to change the route is pretty much an experiment at this point in time. It might not be the correct solution so feedback is welcome. You find this functionality while uploading and there is some more information about how to use it on the upload page.

Zip files for results

For competitions with many runners the resultfiles grow huge. Now it is possible to zip the XML file to a .zip file and upload that zip.

Delete unfinished competitions and warning when creating new competitions while having unfinished ones

It has not been clear to the users that if there is a problem when creating a competition there is no need to start over. Before your press publish anything can be changed. This caused people to create a lot of extra competitions. These can now be deleted from your page. And there is also a better warning instructing you to finish the old competitions instead.


We are very keen to hear your opinions. All feedback is important but please try to be constructive and respect others. Comments that are disrespectful to others might get deleted.