Upload information

GPS Track

Upload your GPS track either using a GPX file or reading directly from your Garmin Forerunner

For competitions you can upload you route even without an accout. To upload your route to individual trainings or club trainings we require you to log in



From here you can upload competitions in a few simple steps. You will need: 1) the map as gif/jpg. 2) the xml course file. 3) the results file with splittimes.


Event with courses

A club training allows everybody in your club to upload their tracks. You also have 5 invites for people outside your club. It requires the club to have a license.

Create a club training by uploading a map and the OCAD course file. If you do not have the course file you can add each course manually instead.


Individual training

You upload the map, calibrate it and then upload your track using either an GPX file or reading from your Garmin Forerunner.

NOTE: This will later be a licensed function but we plan to have very fair prices. See the help page for more information.